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Business development and licensing are critical activities for our company's growth and new product strategy. We are transforming the way healthcare professionals treat patients with unmet health needs through our strategic partnerships, commitment to collaborations, and pursuit of external innovations.


For this purpose, we place a high value on strategic partnerships that bring science, technology, and talent together. We aim to build lasting alliances that benefit healthcare professionals, patients, and our partners while advancing medicine.


As a result, our global partnerships are mutually beneficial and serve to strengthen our innovation network, empowering us to develop products that make a difference in people's lives.


Martin Dow Ltd. is eager to explore partners in:

Creating opportunities for partners to flourish

Martin Dow Ltd. builds robust partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies across the globe. 
We provide a diverse range of partnering opportunities, ranging from mergers and acquisitions to licensing and distribution models.
We have a hybrid business growth model with our generic product portfolio through strategic partnerships with global industry leaders.

A Flexible Business Model as a Partner of Choice

We take pride in our operational excellence in areas such as registration, manufacturing, supply chain management, warehousing, storage, distribution, marketing, and sales.



Licensing, supply & distribution



Licensing, supply & distribution



Bespoke manufactured products by Martin Dow


A Widespread Reach

We successfully provide our partners with technologies and a reach into Pakistan, as well as emerging markets in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, West Africa, East Africa & Central Africa.

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